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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

On the cliffs above Houghton Bay

[Photo by Shannon Doyle]


Little man, you are walking
To a blank and darkened sky
Step by step advancing
However much you try.

Little man, you are blinking
Averting thus my smile
Step by step retreating
A fearful distant mile.

Little man are you thinking
Of times of joy that passed
Or are you just avoiding
The fact that nothing lasts?

Little man existing
No one takes your eye
Not even chance for grieving
As strangers pass you by.

Little man, you are trudging
Past a bench that’s lost your name
No dates of life appearing
That celebrate the same.

Little man, you are faltering
Each footfall brings you near
The cliff top way still winding
Where spray may splash a tear.

Little man no caring
Only you can see it through
Time its tide is keeping
On the path that bears us two.

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