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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Guest Post from Theo Johnson Bodkin: 'Saturday Morning'

by Theo Bodkin, V2

Saturday morning me and my dad driving home from Cricket. We take a right on to a newly made gravel road where it’s all happening. A church with a big cross on the top sits on the left and a baseball game is parked on the right. People cheering sounds down the street. A pink car is the only other thing on the road but us.

 In a spilt second, like a flash of light with a scream, blood covers the road like a big sheet.

“Help,” someone screams, “get an ambulance!”

A huge swarm of people surround a kid paralysed with pain, lying on the pavement. We hear the sound of the ambulance, “nee naa nee naa.” Inside we both feel the guilt, even though we did not do it.  We still have the guts to keep on driving.

“Woah, that was scary,” I said to Dad.

“Yes that is why you look right and left before you cross the road,” warned Dad with a stern face.
[From the Island Bay School 'Writers' Window' at  http://ibs-writerswindow.blogspot.co.nz/ ]

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