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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Xmas Greetings from across the Ditch (i.e. The Tasman Sea between Australia and New Zealand)

My niece Diane writes in her Xmas Letter from her home in Brisbane of her daughter Imogen and husband Michael:

'Imogen turns 14years old on 27th December and I think I can truly say that she is a teenager in many ways now. She’s had a good year at school and has enjoyed being in the choir and doing her elected subjects, especially drama and business. She has continued jazz dancing and soccer.

Michael was the soccer team manager again and his most glorious moment was getting his medal at the grand final. Unfortunately, they just missed out but the lead up to that last game was very exciting. She has made some great friends through soccer and a group of them have made a futsal team in order to keep their fitness going during the summer.

With respect to the Blog, she comments:

It was great to hear from you and I checked out your blog. I have to say it made me cry, (but I'm a very sentimental old Hector!).

I loved seeing the photos (Beeston Castle - that set me off - Meg meant a lot to me. Ross, the boys, Horace etc.)

All very interesting to read though. Keep in touch. It was nice to see some up to date photos of the boys. Hope you have a great Christmas. Lots of love Di

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